Help us provide scholarships to kids in PA image

Help us provide scholarships to kids in PA

so they can attend Hope Academy too!

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Hope Academy PA is finally happening! In September of 2023 we will open our doors to preschoolers ages 3-4 (eventually adding a 5 year old class!) in the greater Harrisburg area. This amazing bilingual, STEAM based program will work to provide the highest quality preschool education to children in communities that need it the most, while linking virtually with Hope Academy in Guatemala to build meaningful, international relationships between children around the world!

While most students in PA will pay tuition, we need to establish a scholarship fund to ensure that every child who wants to has the opportunity to attend Hope Academy, regardless of economic status. Can we build a monthly support system of $2,500/month? This money will allow us to provide either 20 partial scholarships or 10 full scholarships for children in our local communities to attend Hope Academy!